It’s Fall Ya’ll

A fun, fantastic, formidable piece on fall! Fall may be for friends and family, but fall is also fascinatingly important for facilities! Arguably, fall is one of the best of the four seasons. Fall has it all – cool weather, warm colors, the promise of the winter holidays, and best of all, pumpkin spice lattes! […]

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Why Hire Millennials?

The Millennial Generation Can be a Great Asset to Your Business Known as “generation now,” “echo boomers,” and most commonly “millennials,” Generation Y has become one of the most controversial generations to date. No one can seem to agree whether millennials are the worst thing or the best thing to happen to the world. Born […]

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All Styles: A New Style of Dance Film

For my capstone, myself and my capstone group were tasked with creating a comprehensive social media plansbook tailored specifically to upcoming film and our client, All Styles. The plansbook is a meld between an advertising campaign plansbook, a social media playbook, and a new take on the traditional press kit. This plansbook is the final […]

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Whitewashing the Issue

Hollywood has a diversity issue. Historically, Hollywood has always had a diversity issue. One of the biggest diversity issues in Hollywood casting and movies is perhaps the process of whitewashing. Whitewashing is casting someone white or Caucasian in a role that is historically non-white. In the past whitewashing has been much more blatant such as […]

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